Tuesday, February 16, 2010


[I have made three submissions to present at this very interesting event. The links to the abstracts are below.]

16th to 18th September 2010

An interdisciplinary conference organized by the Cork Centre for Architectural Education (CCAE) and School of the Human Environment,(University College Cork).

This international interdisciplinary conference seeks to explore the often hidden relationship between militarism and the design and construction of architecture and space in the modern period. Historically, military imperatives have been embedded in the way society is organized and, from the Renaissance onwards, the needs of offence and defense played an increasingly influential role not only in the physical shaping of the city and landscape, but also on the means by which they were represented. Recent events, notably the ‘War on Terror’ have reinforced these impulses within the city, extending and deepening systems and architectures of surveillance.

“Third Wave War”: The physical and non‐physical tactics of asymmetrical warfare and how they are changing our perceptions of our built environment.

‘Inverse Geometry’, ‘Swarming’, ‘Walking Through Walls’ and ‘Smoothing Out Space’; The New Pattern Language of Third Wave Urban Warfare.

'How To Stage A Military Coup'; The significance of time, space, and control of the built environment in a successful coup d’├ętat, and how they can reframe our environment.

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